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Written by: Daniel Scott

Daniel Scott and Edward Morgan formed The MorganScott Ballet in 1997. The company premiered on August 1 of that year with the live accompaniment of Al Jarreau which led to a special guest appearance with Jarreau at Carnegie Hall.

Edward Morgan Director Choreographer The MorganScott Ballet New York City. Click on links below to watch video:


The company made its official New York City debut in February, 1998, about which Jennifer Dunning wrote for The New York Times, “Pleasing crowds is no longer much in fashion. But the MorganScott Ballet made a virtue of that lost art….May it flourish and return soon.”

On September 8, 1998, the MorganScott Ballet began its own professional children’s training program. The training program was featured in the March 2000 issue of Dance Teacher. Kate Mattingly wrote, “Students in his intermediate-level class display the work ethic and commitment of professional dancers. The constructive environment that Morgan creates was palpable in the City Center showing.”

In March of 1999, the company presented “Remembering Matthew Shepard: A Vigil in Dance”, at St. Mark’s Church, which Jennifer Dunning characterized in The New York Times with the words “luminous, joyous dance, “intensely charismatic” and “a blaze of high spirits.”

In the summer of 2000, the company performed in Bryant Park’s inaugural season of their summer dance series, August Dance. The performance was described by Jennifer Dunning with the words “serendipitous magic,” “spirited classical ballet purity” and “unforgettably theatrical.” Eva Yaa Assantewa described the company for The Village Voice with the words “true to their word” and “incredible poise.”

In 2001, the company presented its fourth New York City season. Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times wrote, “If Edward Morgan and Daniel Scott are not careful, the dance police may get them. Nobody seems to have told Mr. Morgan and Mr. Scott that it is risky business to entertain one’s audience, especially with bright bouncy work performed by dancers whose delight in dancing is infectious.”

The company celebrated its 5th Anniversary at Florence Gould Hall in May 2002. Pia Nordlinger wrote in The New York Sun, “They have carved a niche for their company by offering classical ballet with an emphasis on expression. MorganScott is a rare company-one that eschews gimmicks and trends in favor of training and purity of style.” Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times wrote, “The MorganScott Ballet celebrated its fifth anniversary on Friday night with the eager radiance that has become a hallmark of this well-trained classical troupe.”

In May 2004 The MorganScott Ballet presented “Take the A Train: A Tribute to Billy Strayhorn” at the Duke Theater on 42nd Street in Manhattan. MorganScott fans hailed this evening length production as the company’s best to date and Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times wrote “as wistfully lush as Strayhorn’s music.” Morgan and Scott are currently developing this production for a theatrical run with the cooperation of the Strayhorn Estate.

Morgan’s choreography is the foundation of The MorganScott Ballet. Jack Anderson of The New York Times wrote of the ballet “Cheek to Cheek,” “He set four couples kicking and gliding with remarkable sophistication.” Janet Guggenheim wrote for Dance and the Arts magazine, “buckets of glitter came down and the audience rose to their feet with shouts of ‘bravo, bravo’.” Caitlin Sims, the Editor of Dance Teacher wrote, “Accessible and entertaining…Morgan’s experience choreographing for television was evident in this work-it was easy to imagine good camera angles and the work’s showiness would make it adaptable for a wide audience.”

Morgan and Scott directed the Joffrey II Concert Dancers as artistic director and producing director. Morgan has a diverse background including ten years as a principal of The Joffrey Ballet, choreographer of the internationally successful television dance show ClubMTV and creator and director of the Joffrey Ballet School Jazz Program.

As a principal with the Joffrey, Morgan danced numerous lead and solo roles including the company signature ballet Trinity as well as Petrouchka, Dream Dances, Two a Day, Light Rain, Romeo and Juliet, Cloven Kingdom, Deuce Coupe and many more. The Lone Star Gent was a lead role created for him in Jamboree, commissioned by the city of San Antonio, his hometown, where he received The Alcalde Award from Mayor Henry Cisneros. The solo gospel ballet Touch Me became a signature piece for Morgan. He received critical acclaim for his rendition and performed it for Presidents and dignitaries across the globe from an ancient amphitheater in Greece to the Arsenio Hall Show in Hollywood.

As the choreographer of ClubMTV, Morgan created over thirty original works performed on the show and at live events including MTV Spring Break, I Want My MTV and Macy’s MTV Spectacular. His unique style has been widely imitated and its influences are still seen in popular choreography today. His Joffrey Ballet School Jazz Program performed his choreography for the United Nations Fortieth Anniversary Celebration, The MetLife Youth Arts Festival and for the Stars of American Ballet tour in the United States and Asia.

Morgan and Scott have been collaborating on all their projects in film, television, theater and concert dance since 1991, starting with ClubMTV.

For more information visit:



The MorganScott Ballet
PO Box 1796
Radio City Station
New York, NY


Images by: © Tom Brazil
Tom Brazil, a New York City dance photographer who has photographed The MorganScott Ballet since it's inception. The photographs selected represent works that Morgan and Scott have created in the company's first five years.

Information & Video by: © MorganScottBallet
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