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Written by: A. Stevens

AND Five, Six, Seven, Eight, One Doef, Doef, Doef! Aaa! Your heart starts pounding, your feet keeps the rhythm your body feels ALIVE! You watch all these dancers on MTV and music videos and think to yourself that you wish you had the ability to do the difficult moves they perform; and not to mention the perfectly defined, sculpted bodies they have!

How often does one hear an adult say: I feel like doing some exercise but do not like going to the gym! Often you hear them add: I like dancing but am not a Ballet Dancer. A few of us are in the predicament of just slouching away without ever starting up with anything.

Here is the solution to your problem: Adult Hip Hop Classes!

It is funky, full of vibe, lots of fun and you get a workout that will leave you with your tongue hanging on the ground. Oooh, but I am too old to start with something so fast and difficult!

Many studios offer Adult Hip Hop classes and have a large following of dancers between the ages of 18 and 55 (and older) that joins in classes on a weekly basis. The adults attending these classes do so with great enthusiasm as that is their de-stress-mechanism for the week. This is where they can relax, unwind, and get rid of cropped-up energy. You leave your cares outside the classroom and after a full hour of bouncing, pushing, punching, popping, breaking, locking and lots of attitude you have the strength to take up your cares and deal with it.

You might further ask: Whats in it for me other than a good exercise session?

There are numerous benefits that adult Hip Hop dancers receive when attending classes regularly. It is firstly a good exercise form to enjoy with your friends; it keeps your body and spirit young as you get to move and dance on lively upbeat music; it improves self-esteem and confidence and gives you ample of opportunity to work with class members in groups.

Hip Hop dancing teaches you discipline and self-discipline often people consider Hip Hop just a fun dance that you perform on the dance floor when you go clubbing, but it entails so much more. As you perform all these moves (building up a sweat I must add!) you have no time thinking of anything else and without you realizing it, it helps you improve your muscle tone and builds up body strength.

Lastly, for all of us slouching away on the couch, not feeling like starting up with anything new or adventurous: Hip Hop dancing promotes weight loss. The ladies (and gents) that always complain about the lazy abdominal muscles and not to speak of those humps: This is your chance to GET UP, GEAR UP and FEEL THE BEAT!

For more information on Adult Hip Hop Classes in Pretoria (Gauteng), contact Aletia Stevens at 082 940 3469 or e-mail


Hip Hop is a performing art and cultural activity.


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