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Written by: Pro Arte Dance Department

Dance is an essential part of our everyday lives; it is a form of communication and jubilant expression.
It transcends all social and cultural boundaries, and allows freedom of movement and spirit.
Dance has struggled and toiled through tears of sadness and great happiness and still survives today, against all the odds of artistic temperament and an ever-changing social climate.

PRO ARTE ALPHEN PARK’S Dance Department is part of a very special and focused school, which offers talented students the opportunity to grow and explore their creativity as dancers, as well as personally.
The present Dance Faculty has evolved from a past that gave it a strong foundation to build on. The young, vibrant and enthusiastic staff has the required passion for dance, and being experts in their respective fields, the necessary skills to take the department proudly forward into the future.

The Dance Department offers: Ballet, Spanish and Jazz dance as part of the curriculum and include the theoretical subjects: Anatomy and Health care, Music & Dance History.
This is a unique environment that not only nurtures the students’ individual talents, but also offers the theoretical background that allows them to pursue diverse career paths within the dynamic world of dance.

The exceptional teaching team comprises of:
Nigel Hannah (Ballet and theory), Sue Kirkland (Ballet), Helen de Jongh (Jazz Dance), Maria Lorca Montoya & Helena Montoya (Spanish Dance), Cillié Burger & Casper van Zyl (Music theory), Jeanette Zaidy & Louina Prinsloo (History & Anatomy Grades 10 -12), and Ferdi Geyer who accompanies all the ballet classes.

This dedicated team share a strong bond of friendship, mutual respect and passion for their individual subjects that stimulate the learners to achieve their full potential.

As part of their dance education at Pro-Arte Alphen Park, the learners are privileged to perform at the State Theatre Drama annually. This year’s celebrated event takes place 17 & 18 May 2013 and is widely renowned and supported by the dance fraternity of Pretoria and surrounding areas. There will be 3 performances only. 17 May @ 19:30, 18 May @ 15.00 and the Prestigious Gala performance @ 20.00 with pre-performance cocktail snacks and wine (included in the price of the ticket) starting from 19.15.

This year’s production entitled “Absolute Dance 2013” includes “Dance Décole” (Ballet), plus works from the departments staff, “I Feel...I Dance ....I Am” by Helen de Jongh, (Jazz) and “Bolero” by Helena Montoya assisted by Maria-Lorca Montoya (Spanish)

After the success of “Act 1 from Coppélia” last year, the department felt it necessary to again challenge the learners even further with the ballet entitled “Dance Décole” choreographed by Michelle Naudé and Nigel Hannah which the department did in 2003.

This ballet gives the learners scope to experience the rigours of a non-stop ballet, extending their technical ability as well as stamina. It is a neo classical piece based on the Bournonville style which all the learners study in grade 8.

“I Feel……I Dance…….I Am” choreography by Helen de Jongh, is a brand new work.
Every dancer knows that if you dance without feeling some kind of emotion, you may just as well not be dancing. Without feelings and emotions the steps are, well, just that – steps! The real impact is achieved when the dancer connects with the emotional side of a piece. That is when the story will come alive for the audience and they can experience it with the dancer.
Just as dancing can come to life by adding the right emotions, so too, can your emotions find a voice through dancing! You can let go of anger or frustration; express joy and happiness; experience a connection with other people or just have fun!
In this piece we will take you through some silliness, sadness and frustration, sharing a connection and simply having a blast!

“Bolero,” choreography by Helena Montoya, was last produced very successfully for the department in 2010 and it was felt necessary to re-do, although Helena does change the choreography each time she produces it.
Says Helena: ‘I find this music so haunting, so inspiring. Not only is it always a challenge for me to choreograph to this piece of music, but it is also a challenge for the dancers. Thank you, Mr. Hannah, for the honour of inviting me to choreograph "Bolero" for the Pro Arte Dance Department production of 2013.

Be sure not to miss this awe-inspiring occasion of dance. Buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment by booking through:

COMPUTICKET: 083 915-8000 or online




Friday 17 May 19:30 R70.00
Saturday 18 May 15:00 R90.00
Saturday 18 May 20:00 R150.00
Block bookings of 10 persons or more will receive a 10% Discount


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