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Written by: Helen Calitz

Andre became Interested in Street Dance in 1983 with movies such as ‘BeatStreet’, ‘Breakin’ and Breakdance 2, but only started getting into it in 1984. He performed at Hair Salons and Shopping centers during 1984/85 and became profound in styles such as Breakin, Popping and Boogaloo during that time, but caught on to many other emerging styles as the years went on.
He drew Inspiration and learnt from Michael “boogaloo shrimp” Chambers, and other artists such as James Brown, Michael Jackson and MC Hammer in those days, adding fresh moves and ideas to his style. Early nineties: The ‘new school’ (back then) hit the scene and House and Hip House Dancing was seen all over. He caught on to that pretty quickly as the New Jack Swing flava and other very energetic Club style dances emerged and he is now seen as a master at Club and Street Groove. Andre did most of his competitions during this time, holding the Club StreetDancer of the year title for three years and he focused most of his energy on developing own personal skill and performance.

Andre is profound in all the street, club and Hip Hop dance styles and eagerly shares his expertise in the Industry.

Andre is a firm believer in pure Street, Club and Hip Hop Dance development from entry level up and is now devoting most of his time to this (often overlooked) element in the Industry.
His development project in South Africa is especially done amongst street dancers and crews both commercially and non-commercially.
He choreographed some of the top crews in South Africa and even trained new Hip Hop dance teachers.
Andre started the WX Hip Hop brand, teaching dancers all the street dance, Club and Hip Hop styles and also works together with key individuals in providing a platform where dancers can have the opportunity to grow in the Industry from the ground up.
“We promote the foundations of dance and spread this in theory and practice around the country”.

- Andre can be seen judging most of the commercially based Competitions, including those held by organizations such as SADTA and IIFT.
- Andre is the Head Judge of the renowned “Dance to Las Vegas” Hip Hop and Street Dance Competition held by Hip Hop Dance SA annually. At this event Crews qualify to represent South Africa in the biggest Worldwide spectacular: The Hip Hop International World Crew Championship. He also assists in choosing the best Poppers, Lockers and Freestylers that will be battling it out at the World Championship.
- Andre represents South Africa as a Judge at the Hip Hop International World Championships sharing the panel with some of the top industry choreographers as well as pioneers in the Industry.

For more information, contact Helene Calitz (WX Hip Hop Admin & Events) on Cell: 072 403-7672, or email:




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