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Dance International
Written by: Gladys Bullock

If dancing is such an important part of world cultures and is something that is as old as humans are, it must be important in our world. The way we think about dancing is important because it will affect the way we use dancing. From being an important cultural tradition, or a way of keeping fit, a form of entertaining, to a way of communicating - dancing is a very useful skill to learn.

Enabling the children, able-bodied and differently-abled of the disadvantaged communities to compete in a growing sport.
Making it possible for them to be part of a world wide society through social and community development.
Promoting Ballroom, Latin American and Hip Hop dance for the physically challenged.
Competing on a world wide platform and promoting dancesport for disabled as an Paralympic Sport through IPC ( International Paralympic Committee ).
Create and bring out the talent amongst the youth including previously disadvantaged and differently-abled (disabled) children in South Africa.
Equips them to fulfil their destiny.
Commitment to creating productions and events that are organised and well managed.
Producing results that exceed client expectations.

Principle Objectives
1. Set up the correct infra structure and organization.
2. Conduct social, medal and competitive training.
3. Promote regional and national competitions.
4. Develop teachers, adjudicators, classifiers and dancers.

Gladys Bullock's coaching experience with the Disabled
I started coaching the mentally challenged people at Glendale Home in 1994. The following year the blind and visually impaired from the Western Province Blind Association were introduced to disabled dance.
A year later the deaf from DEAFSA in Newlands were brought on board.
In my fifth year of teaching challenged people to dance, the wheelchair bound and paraplegics were introduced to dancesport.
It is now more than fifteen years that I have been teaching the disabled people from the Western Cape community to dance ballroom, latin american and social dancing.

Proposal For Future Development
Ballroom Dancing is noted as the third largest and fastest growing participation sport in South Africa, however this relates to able-bodied dancers only. There are various informal groups all over the country catering for the physically disabled, visually (blind) and hearing challenged (deaf) dancers except the Western Cape. The interest, support and participation of this sport is tremendous and in order for the dancers to achieve their full potential, I have to achieve the aims, objectives and goals listed below.
My interest has always been for the wheel chairs, and after much enquiry attended a lecture in Gauteng in September and a workshop in December 2000 at Mandeville.
I started coaching at St. Giles for the physically challenged on the 5th and the 12th of December 2000 as an introduction to wheelchair dancing. This was done voluntarily as I wanted the program to start immediately. These two classes proved very successful and we have never looked back.

For more information e-mail Gladys Bullock:



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